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Kapell Klezmorim are five musicians living in Malmö,Sweden, who love playing klezmer music. Experienced performers, they hail from all varieties of musical genres: jazz, classical and ethnic music.
Their geographical and musical "blending" is a happy throwback to the very origins of klezmer music. Kapell Klezmorim was "officially" founded during the year 2000 although the members have been playing klezmer music for several years preceding that date.
It is the traditional sound as heard on the old historic recordings that inspire this ensemble, as well as Klezmer's great artists like Naftule Brandwein, Dave Tarras and Abe Schwartz.
Kapell Klezmorims repertoire is based on dances such as bulgar, hora, nign and freilach. Most of the melodies come from Odessa in Ukraine.

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Here is a sound example in Mp3.

Zaj Gesunt, Odessa


Freilax, .


The members of Kapell Klezmorim

Irina Binder, violin

Stefan Edenborg, clarinet

Edin Bahtijaragic, accordeon

Garik Binder, piano

Jerker Heijkenskjöld, drums


For booking and information contact:

Stefan Edenborg

Liarumsvägen 87

S-290 10 Tollarp

Scania, Sweden



Contact & booking

Stefan Edenborg

Liarumsvägen 87

290 10 Tollarp