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Kapell Klezmorim

The Jewish music tradition of Eastern Europe is a mix of religious and folklore music. It was performed by the so called klezmer, a musician that nor only played an instrument but also could be the toastmaster of the celebration.
The plural form for that are klezmorim, so Kapell Klezmorim is just simply a group of musicians that plays klezmer.

The Kapell Klezmorim from Malmö, Sweden is a group of musicians from various backgrounds that enjoys playing klezmer. Stefan Edenborg together with Garik and Irina Binder formed the ensemble about six years ago. Soon Jerker Heijkenskjöld and Edin Bahtijaragic joined in and we all felt that we liked the sound. We don’t have any base instrument, but if we have a good piano Garik takes care of that with his left hand.
Since the start we have played on very different scenes: festival, wedding, club, concert and in churches. Unfortunately we can play quite seldom because the members are engaged in other groups and orchestras.

Irina is the violinist in the frontline, she have developed her technique playing all kind of gypsy tunes classical music. She plays mostly six days a week in the Malmö Opera Orchestra and in the tango ensemble Tangarte together with Garik.

Garik graduated from the conservatory of Copenhagen as a piano soloist and then during the years developed a fantastic sense for other kinds of music such as klezmer and tango.

Edin is the youngest, educated in the conservatory of Malmö. His natural virtuosity on the accordion is a fantastic asset to the band. He is engaged in several bands and ensembles, playing all kind of music from East Europe mostly in a band called Tummel.

Jerker is not only a drummer; he is a percussionist with a great musical sense. He has educated himself during many years for instance living a couple of months in Cuba to learn the rumba properly. He is also engaged a several jazz ensembles and besides that, he works as a clown for children.

Stefan has been searching for the right music to play for many years, playing everything from jazz to classic. 1995 he was rewarded for his interpretations of Scanian folk music, witch is quite virtuoso for the clarinet. At the moment he works as an administrator and plays mostly in his free time. He used to play in different ensembles, folk, and jazz and theatre music, more but nowadays he only plays what he really likes and that is klezmer.

The repertoire of Kapell Klezmorim is quite unique, mostly own interpretations of music published in Ukraine before 1939. But of course we also plays the most beloved klezmer tunes that everybody knows. We try to make a nice mix of known and unknown material at our concerts. Klezmer music is very lively and sentimental and we enjoy the wonderful contrasts that makes. A hot freylechs in an up-tempo and then a very sensitive hora takes the audience into a musical mood swing.
The music is dance music with dances like freylechs, skochne, chosid, sher, hora, bulgar and a few gas nign.



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